RSUG Monthly Meeting (July 2018)

Topic: Make Your Intranet Go from Good to Great

Imagine spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your company intranet portal only to realize that people really don’t like it, don’t spend much time in it and avoid it as much as possible. It could be because your corporate intranet, while having lots of information, just doesn’t function well for the general population. In this session, we will talk thru examples of different company intranets build using SharePoint and what makes them transform and make the leap from good to great. We will also explore the use of community sites to enrich your user experience in SharePoint Online. Use those examples and little things in user adoption, to make your intranet a place of interest and collaboration which help to connect people in the workplace.​

Speaker: Liz Sundet, MVP, PMP, MBA

Liz is involved with multiple areas of the business with her primary work as a consultant for SharePoint. Her work includes developing strategies to aid in collaboration and content management, facilitating groups in developing business architecture and taxonomies, or working with end users on identifying needs, areas of improvement, user adoption and training. Liz uses tools and techniques from project management, business analysis, scrum/agile, change management, and lean/six sigma. As a trainer and speaker, she hopes to inspire others to learn something they can apply to their own work immediately.​