May 2020 Meeting

The May 2020 Meeting Will Again Be Held By Teams Live Event!

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Speaker: Trace Armstrong

Trace is a Senior Solutions Architect at THInc.IT and has nearly a decade of solutions and implementation and architecture experience. He manages a portfolio of clients that are multi-national, across a wide array of industries, and is part of Business Development, Project Leadership, Team Management, Project Architecture and Project Management, and has spoken at many events!

Topic: Teams Retention: Reducing Sprawl for the Long Haul

Wanting to make sure you’re users don’t get inundated with unnecessary Teams? Looking to save yourself from “cleanup” projects down the road? Have legal retention requirements for information in Teams? Trace will go over lifecycle management strategies for Teams in Office 365 and give you tips and tricks to help your users keep things clean as they get going.


Sponsor: ThincIT

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