JUNE 2020 Meeting

The June 2020 Meeting Will Again Be Held By Teams Live Event!

Click here to join at the time of the meeting, June 24 at 12PM EST

Speaker: Shawn Fagan

Shawn is a Senior Information Technology Consultant with Marathon Consulting, where he is focused on SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure. Shawn has over 19 years of IT and Development experience, with 15 years of those years working with SharePoint as an Administrator, and Developer. He started worked with SharePoint 2003 and has worked with every version of SharePoint since including Online and 2019.

Topic: Sharing and Securing Data within SharePoint Online for Remote Workers

In the current day with so many users working from home, organization have a new challenge with securing data within SharePoint Online (also where all Microsoft Teams files reside) while trying maintaining the access and ability for their users. In normally circumstances, organizations have policies and procedures for securing data and sharing data outside their network but a lot of them don’t apply well to remote workers.

This presentation will show how to organizations can securely have users and external users access data within SharePoint Online, while maintaining the level of security needed for the organizations. We will take a look at all of the sharing options for SharePoint Online and the Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance center to secure data within SharePoint Online while allowing users to be able to maintain the access and ability to perform their work while at home.



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