RSUG Monthly Meeting (February 2018)

This talk will discuss the steps to get your Office 365 environment set up to use the Microsoft Graph API. This talk will cover registering the application within Azure AD, testing your query within Microsoft’s test environment, and finally being able to connect to the Graph API through SharePoint using the ADAL (Active Directory Authentication Library) JavaScript Library. There will also be a quick overview of how to consume the returned JSON objects and use them for your intranet.

Joshua King

Joshua King is a Senior Developer with UDig, LLC. He spent 11 years in the Air Force directly out of High School. During this time he was able to earn multiple degrees in both business and computer science. After separating from the military, he decided to pursue a career in computers and development which led him to SharePoint. Joshua has experience in helping companies utilize the full capabilities of SharePoint. Joshua has experience in both Administration and Development, but prefers the development route. In his spare time he works at creating content for his SharePoint tutorials blog.